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    • Please Note that Sizzlers do not melt like Wax Bars do, they stay in a solid granule salt like form.

      They smell equally as strong to wax bars & when the sizzlers start turning white that is when the fragrance is almost done,

      Lots of customers prefer to split them and use a teaspoon at a time to get more uses out of them! Although the more you use in your burner, the stronger the smell. – Please do NOT overload your burner.

      Sizzlers are much easier to change, as they simply just tip out of the burner with zero mess.

    • Snap bars are the perfect way to get the most for your money, there are 10 cubes that can either be used one or two at a time depending on burner size and strength of bar.

    • A valuable asset to your bath time, the soap sponge is an amazing two in one product. Our sponges are perfect for travelling as they are lightweight and not liquid so they can go in your hand luggage, fab for pre-self tanning as they help smooth the skin. They leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. They will last around 2 months with washing once per day.

    • Some of your hinching favourites in the form of wax melts, leaving your home with that much desired freshly clean aroma.

    • Our aroma bead bags are perfect for hanging around the home to keep it fresh and smelling lovely for months on end, simply hang in your wardrobe, in the back of your car or anywhere else you may desire.

    • Indulge yourself with this gorgeously colourful, sweet smelling shower whip.

      Whipped soap is an amazingly wonderful creation! Hand made with love, to make your bathing experience a luxurious one

      With a whole variety of uses it’s a must for the basin, bath or shower and leaves skin feeling refreshed and smooth.